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Vision informs about color, clarity, fluidity, carbon dioxide release.On the color it informs us about the inyensity and the shade.The intensity of the color of a red wine allows us to prejudge its body and its volume, the shade its age.

The nose

The nose will inform us about the aromatic character of the wine. In its way we will distinguish th intensity of the aroma (intense, moderate, weak, non-existent),its quality(breed, fine, delicate, common, coarse) and its character (fruity, flower, spice, animal). The aromas of the wine are distinguished in: primary, derived from grapes, secondary, formed during alcoholic fermentation and tertiary, formed during tha aging of the wine.

the mouth

By mouth we perceive the four basic flavours, sweet, sour, bitter and salty.The perception of sweet taste takes place on the tip of the tongue.The perception of acidicis manifested by a sting on the sides of the tongue and inside the cheeks. The bitter taste is felt in the back of the tongue. The salty taste is perceived in the frond third of the tongue. A wine can be balanced, harmonious, unbalanced in terms of taste (sweet, sour, bitter).

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